Introducing us

I suppose this is how these things start,a little introduction so we can get to know each other as it were.

Here we go then,

I shall call myself Phoenix I’m a 35 woman year old living in a small village in the midlands but my heart is in Cumbria.I’m married to my Husband K who happens to be 12 years my senior. Together we have two daughters S is my eldest at 16 and T is my youngest at 13. T is currently awaiting assessment for ASD. S is doing her A levels at sixth form. Along with the human inhabitants there are 19 other residents of the fur and feather variety sharing out home and garden. Yes I love animals,in fact I’m fascinated with the natural world in general. Nature is awesome fact and we need to take care of our home. I have BP2 which is a daily struggle ,I have a good support network though. I’m an occasional crafter and I like to cook and bake. I’m a bookworm …and a book sniffer. I don’t like being cold, I can’t abide cruelty of any kind or narrow minded people. Autumn is my favourite season . I have a tendency to waffle so bare with me when reading my posts.


New year list

I like lists, a friend of mine calls them tah dah lists which I think is brilliant. I make a habit of writing a list for the forthcoming year of goals and things to do. Something to work towards and a focus for those days when I’m low or looking for something’s to do.

So the list. I scribbled it down in one of my notebooks last night. I should have made a note to stop buying so much stationary …

2018 Goals

* Try and walk everyday,even if it’s just to the shop- good for the body and mind.

* Start a blog up again,an outlet for all my random thoughts and musings ( check that one off then!)

* Get Crafty, all these ideas turn them into a reality ( and make a dent in your stash)

* Keep on top of the housework

* Loose that weight! Food optimise 100%

* Start a Good things jar

2018 to do list

* Put the new Chicken coop up

* Decorate


T’s room

Our room

*Start a Veggie patch- don’t put it off another year!

Most of it seems achievable although I am the queen of procrastination.

Do you write lists for the forthcoming year?